For the playlist night:
Submit music by emailing Shay direct at Music not yet released, provide in the email a direct private Soundcloud link or file share. Provide link & artwork for the release.  All coverage is free for artists & bands.
For a guest spot on one of our shows, email is best. Provide what you can below. Minimum is file link and artwork, with two social media channel links.
Submission Guidelines: 
Provide a tagged (metadata) MP3 file and/or a link to a Google docs folder that is downloadable. 
Provide information about yourself/your band. If you have an EPK, provide it.
Cool information to add before we chat, yet not necessary. If I like your music, that’s enough to start chatting about coming onto the show. For those detail types, list below. 
  • Band / Artist Name
  • Biography And History
  • Musical Influences
  • Single Name and Release Date
  • Album / EP Name and Release Date (If Applicable)
  • Story Behind Single / Album / EP
  • Where To Buy Your Music
  • Your Achievements / Awards / Famous Musicians / Producers / Festivals (If Applicable)
  • Upcoming Live Performances, Festivals and Gigs (if Applicable)
  • Official Website and Social Media Links.
Shay D

CANADIAN ARTISTS: Are you interested in airplay on Community and College/University Campus Radio?

Hi y’all’s,

CANADIAN ARTISTS can submit DIRECT to !earshot if interested in AirPlay on Community and College/University Campus Radio. The submission is available to over 100 NCRA radio stations nationwide. It stays in the system. I would encourage artists & bands to submit back catalogues and new releases.

NOTE: NCRA is a non-profit organization. !earshot-Distro is an online platform allows the Canadian music industry to upload musical recordings to be searched, reviewed, and downloaded by campus and community radio stations to be broadcast across Canada. ***Submit yourself. It is a fair distribution system where you submit your music for a one time admin fee of $7/single. This is not a sign up.

For the independent artists, go to:

If you use the referral code K78LNCRA when signing up, you get 25% off your first 10 uploads and 5% off on every upload after that.