80s Glam Rock

buzzPLAY | Shay & Rock Neto featuring Robert Vendetta

Hey, y’all, I am Shay, and this is thebuzzr after hours podcast. Welcome. Episode 13. It is buzzPLAY night where this episode is all about independent music, no genre boxes. Every music style from opera to rap to hard and screaming punk grunge we play on this show. Who wants to live in a box?…

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MERCURETTO: The Album. This 1st of a 3-part interview with Shay Drinkwalter. Alexander ‘Sascha’ Tukatsch and Kevin Connelly reflect on their days with New Regime, Platinum Blonde, Kevin’s Son Of The Sun album, Iron Age Mystics, Mercuretto, and casually, why they do the crazy things they do. (original post by Kevin Connelly) Part 1: The Mercuretto…

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