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Lisa Froment

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Monday’s show, emerging Canadian artist Lisa Froment. Lisa tells us about the personal story behind her latest release ‘Baby Daddy’, and why she wrote the song. Lisa is getting international attention for her music. Baby Daddy is her third release. Get a real-look glimpse of the artist & the stories behind her music.

From Rock Era Magazine –
Smooth, unapologetic, and powerful. Lisa Froment has created an anthem to help you come strong from an unhealthy relationship with a cheater.
If you’ve ever been in a relationship when you found that your partner was so full of lies, you’ll relate strongly to “Baby Daddy” by the Canadian artist, Lisa Froment. But this isn’t a tearjerker single; rather, it’s an empowering one to make you realize your worth and give the cheater up with no regrets.

Enjoy the show!

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Track lineup: “Move Me” at show intro; “Baby Daddy” during show.



About the Artist

Lisa is a singer-songwriter & musician from Timmins, Canada. Lisa was born in Timmins Ontario and grew up in Wawa Ontario which is 3.5 hours away from Timmins. Her main instrument is guitar. Secondaries are the flute, drums and accordion.

The artist’s influences encompass all music styles and types. From pop to rock, to country, and rap. Her favorite is 80’s rock. The timeless sound evokes memories.

She grew up listening to Megadeth, Metallica, even Marilyn Manson, NINE INCH NAILS… to Journey, Heart, Toronto, Eric Clapton, Faith Hill, and Shania Twain. Her influences are across the board.

Lisa was surrounded by music from a young age. She is from a musical family with both sides of the family talented musicians. It was natural to dabble into music. She picked up the guitar at age 12 learning by ear on her own.

“We didn’t have YouTube at the time. I sat in my bedroom with my guitar and would listen to some Eric Clapton and would pause the music, figure it out, rewind, play again, try to figure it out… until I did, then continued the song. I spent hours learning songs by ear and figured out chords, and what sounded right and what did not.”

Christmas time in a traditional French home means, the wooden spoons, the violins, the guitars, the accordions, mandolins, and of course the singing. Singing just came naturally and discovered her voice at about 11 years old. She joined the elementary school choir and had the best music teachers. Mademoiselle Corrine Thomas and Mme Rancourt, accompanied by Mme Besner on piano. They taught her how to harmonize.

“Not only that I got it right, but I knew the difference between hitting the wrong note and landing it every time because it’s what sounds right to the ear. I can’t read a music note to save my life but if a bass or guitar, a vocalist hits a wrong note? I’ll catch it right away.”


Personal reflection from the artist:

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting. If you want change, YOU must change, YOU must make the right decisions based on what YOU want. It’s your life, live it for you. No one else will live it for you or make your dreams come true. Only YOU can make that happen. Don’t wish on anything, take the proper steps to make it happen. Or you will wake up one day, an elderly, and regret that you have not gone for it. Tomorrow is never promised, so do it NOW.”

Lisa has played many gigs, and festivals over the years. In her hometown of Timmins, the Stars And Thunder concert. On the bill were Brian Adams, Blue Rodeo, Tom Cochrane, Keith Urban and many more artists.

She has sung the Canadian National Anthem for local hockey games and Canada Day festivals. At age 17 her first album received radio airplay. She was featured on CTV news for that first album, and for her second band called Fragmented Mind’s album.

The band Fragmented Mind was a gothic rock band. It had plans to record a new album with members of Evanescence. This did not happen because of breast cancer yet now healthy Lisa reinvented herself musically.

Future projects are expected single releases throughout 2022. There is a lot of inspiration behind all these songs that will be released one by one as singles.

About the Author
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