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Today on the show, artist Sail Cassady of British Columbia, Canada.

We talk about his solo career, the influences behind the dark musical themes, and his background. Get to know this talented artist.

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From the Artist

It’s the same story we’ve all been through these last two years, the pandemic offered up more than ample time to look inwards and evaluate ourselves, our experience and our future. Wrapped in lush textures and poetry, Sail Cassady’s upcoming release ‘Old Green House’ looks back on the old places we used to live and the people we used to be with nostalgic self-understanding. Colin Craviero (Sail Cassady’s lead singer and songwriter) compared his old life to an aging house with rooms filled with memories and objects scattered across the floors, torn apart and abandoned to begin a new life. Even questioning who he was and how much of that person is still him today.

Buried within the poetry is Craviero’s story of self-discovery, his battle with the faith he was raised in, and his acceptance of himself, his identity, and his demons still haunting those old walls. Building from the cathartic momentum Craviero experienced through this song, a beautiful music video has been created to accompany the song. It is a pastiche of memories told from the perspective of a trans man in a relationship with his love, in a place where this form of existence was not accepted. Combined with the music it holds to the light their love and power proving you can truly become who you wish you really were. And who you really are.

Photo credits: Photoshoot: Hailey Krakana, Artwork: Colin Craviero

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