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Art Napoleon

Hey, y’all. I am Shay. This is thebuzzr podcast. On air indie, from my pad to yours over the airways.

Today on the show, Indigenous Americana artist Art Napoleon known for music infused with that spirit tingling Tribal Sound in both English and the ancient language of Cree.

We spin his debut release “Avalene”, talk music & get to know this multi-talented performer, actor & independent artist.

Thank you for tuning in tonight. Enjoy the show!



From the Artist

Art Napoleon has released his latest single “Avelene,” available on all streaming platforms on Friday, November 26.

“Avalene” is a quirky, lyrically driven song about dysfunctional fatal attraction in rural Canada; an addictive small-town love affair that leads to regrets and realizations later in life. This gritty but upbeat lament is laced with catchy dobro, twangy baritone guitar and a trumpet section that kind of sneaks in from a side door. Fans of off-beat songwriters like Skip Taylor, Todd Snider, Ray Wylie Hubbard or Hayes Carll might want to give this a listen.

The music video for the track also has been released on Art Napoleon’s YouTube channel.
The video, produced by Luke Connor Visual, shows Avalene’s youthful, fun and playful side. She shines like no other casino queen. Then later, she switches to show her own struggles and inner demons.

“Avalene” was produced by Zak Cohen at Woodshop Studios and written by Art Napoleon, and features lead vocal and acoustic guitar performance by Art Napoleon, dobro by Scott Smith, bass by Martin Jones, drums by Taylor Album, electric guitars by Zak Cohen, trumpets by Miguelito Valdez, and harmonies by Martin Jones and Art Napoleon.

From weather beaten backroads to large theatres and outdoor festivals, there are not many
places veteran songwriter Art Napoleon hasn’t played. His previous music has fallen
between the cracks of roots country, acoustic folk rock and his own unique tribal sound
performed in the ancient Cree language. His albums have won awards, yet the songs have
never reached commercial radio platforms due to his anti-colonial and cultural survival
narratives not often found in country genres. As a result, he may be one of the best
Indigenous songwriters you haven’t heard of.


Art Napoleon is host and co-producer of APTN’s popular show Moosemeat & Marmalade, an international food series that showcases Indigenous foods, traditional knowledge and outdoor cooking techniques. This former chief is as comfortable on a big city stage or boardroom as he is skinning a moose in a hailstorm with a pocketknife. Art grew up in the boreal forests and mountains of Northern BC where he learned hunting, plant use and outdoor cooking. Art holds an MA in Language Revitalization from the University of Victoria, is an advocate of Indigenous food sovereignty and practices subsistence activities on a seasonal basis. Based in Victoria BC, Art remains connected to his home territory and his Cree and Dane Zaa roots. When he is not producing TV, writing songs or teaching Cree, he tours regularly as a performer and keynote speaker. His moose stew has been known to cure hangovers and his campfire tales have mended broken hearts…or so the stories go.


About the Author
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