Hey, ya’ll. I am Shay, thebuzzr, and this is thebuzzr after hours. Tonight is the final playlist of the year. I selected the tracks for the lyrics, melody & often the release that made my decision to follow the artist. We have played lots of incredible music on thebuzzr network this year. This is a representative playlist of what I would listen to when I was not on the air.

Thanks for tuning in.

Enjoy. Cheers!

Track List –

  1. The Smoke Wagon Blues Band “Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool” CANADA

  2. Kolby Knickerbocker “Over and Over” USA

  3. Elion Melody “Tonight” USA

  4. Scott Klein “Sunshine” CANADA

  5. Plastic Poetry “Solitude Means No Harm”

  6. The Shop Window “Out Of Reach” UK

  7. Jesse Grossi “Mad At Me” USA

  8. Coor Brow-Obles “MacGuffin Baby” UK

  9. Jack Spann “Jesus Of New Orleans” (radio edit) USA

  10. Secret Treehouse “Ice Turns To Ash” NORWAY

  11. The Freight “Found” USA

  12. John Revelle “Drink and Dance” UK

  13. Robert Vendetta “If It’s Over” NORWAY

  14. Marty Ray Project “Greatest” USA

  15. Jaimee Harris “Snow White Knuckles” USA

  16. Ali Aslam “Color Of The Sun” USA

  17. Terry K 3TL “To A Friend (A Celebration Of Life)” CANADA

  18. Sonic X “My Wonderful Life” CANADA

  19. Iron Age Mystics “Save It For The Revolution” CANADA

  20. So Dirty The Flamingos “Take You On”

  21. One In The Chamber “To The Gallows” CANADA

  22. RH2 “Yuk Fu” CANADA

  23. The Reed Effect “Fine Here” CANADA

  24. Trigger Mafia “Turn It Up” CANADA

  25. Drop Top Alibi “Burn” CANADA

  26. The Beatflux “The End” UK

  27. Trent Jean “B4IDie” AUSTRALIA

  28. Fox and Bones “Changing Of The Guard” USA

  29. Ryan Connolly “Doors” CANADA

  30. Davey Furey “Flames On The River” IRELAND

    Thank you to the artists for sharing their music on today’s show.

Catch you next episode. On air indie. From my pad to yours – over the airways.

Have a good one!



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Shay D is a media professional and creative A&R management consultant who inspires and empowers artists to create business models that go global. These projects ignite actual results. Shay owns and operates thebuzzr media, thebuzzr podcasts, and WOBZ Music. The companies support independent artists of all genres, from around the globe. WOBZ Music (What’s Our Buzz?) began in 2020 as part of thebuzzr media. Shay is dynamic and creative, hosts a syndicated radio show, is a songwriter, and writer as well as an active curator for many indie platforms. Periodically she is also a copywriter providing Top 40 music content for a NYC firm and a radio programming consultant on an international platform.

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