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thebuzzr podcasts will wind down Season One of both shows. The top shows of Season One will air starting on September 6th.

The show’s airing had the top fan engagement, subscribes & download counts.

Tonight we have artists Morgan King from Madison, USA and Zane Coppard from Vancouver, Canada on the broadcast.

The original broadcasts June 15th and June 3rd, respectively.


Morgan King

Multi-genre recording artist Morgan King is our guest today. “Mirror Mirrors” released May 28 of this year. Morgan is California-born and living now in Madison, United States.

It is the debut single of her solo career. Morgan’s powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics will astound you.

From the Artist

Morgan King is from Southern California. Before music she pursued a PhD in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin.

However, after realizing her true passions Morgan left to work on her creative pursuits by writing songs and chasing her dreams of becoming a musician.

Morgan now has several projects 88 Smiles, The Stars Lie, as well as her solo project.

Her songs are often a blend of light and dark elements, a mix of sadness and hopeful positivity. She blends electronic and pop elements seamlessly with sultry, powerful vocals and deep lyrics to create a sound that is distinct in its complexity. Source.

Zane Coppard

Bio Supplied by ZaneCoppard.com

Zane Coppard is a multifaceted musician who brings aspects of his avant-garde experiments into a beautiful union with pop music.

Pulling from vast musical influence, not only those famed from the present and past but also having been steeped in music at home as a child, Zane has garnered a unique ability to express many aspects of the human experience through what he creates. 

With a musician for a father and being surrounded by alternative arts at home, Zane was made to choose his instrumental path at a young age.

From 8 years old he had been trained as a drummer, playing in bars and clubs at 14 and going on to tour as a session drummer for various groups including, most recently: Dralms, Belle Game, Evan Konrad and the heavy psyche band Crosss.

During this time he continuously made music under his own monikers 1000 Petal Lotus and dounpour (both being heavily experimental ambient projects) as well as Smash Boom Pow, a band he shares with his brother Ulysses.

In his sophomore album, Of Self (Bonfire Records), Zane draws attention back to what is most essential but overlooked in our outwardly focused society – the Self, just as the title indicates. Not only a reminder and reflection for himself, this work allows the listener to interpret as it suits them and their own human experience. 

Personal sentiment is layered throughout the album with Jasper Miller (Outback, Diamond Cafe) on additional synth and drum programming, Dougal Bain (Layten Kramer) on strings, Ulysses on guitar, as well as mixing and mastering and Zane’s partner Mikayla on background vocals. 

~ Mikayla Koch


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