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thebuzzr after hours is open format. Usually we air buzzPLAY, a playlist night of recent releases. Sometimes we talk about offbeat topics. Sometimes politically charged chats. Mostly, music. Nothing is taboo!

This is a show with unique and talented industry guests & topics which may or may not fit into thebuzzr podcast programming. This is a free promotional podcast for all artists & industry guests.

Just show up! Life is better with surprises.

thebuzzr after hours broadcasts Wednesdays at 12 midnight EST/EDT.


Hey, y’all, I am Shay, and this is thebuzzr after hours show. Episode 21.

Welcome to buzzPLAY. A show of just dropped releases from artists around the world. Every music style from classic to pop to alt-rock and screaming punk grunge are on this program, at some time.

Yes, a compilation of all music genres if you see music that way. Yet, who chooses to remain in a box?

I don’t. Frankly, only cats seek out boxes.

Music moves you or it doesn’t. Artists have a multiple of varied influences that always come through in their music. That is what causes different songs different sounds & vibes.

We discover the best independent music at the local pub and festivals, yes? I know I do.

Music has no borders. This is the reason thebuzzr pod covers artists internationally, all genres.

Tonight we hear Americana, acoustic, alt-pop, indie pop, alt-rock & rock releases.

With this podcast, I bring you emerging artists & their music from their local music scene to your living room, man-cave or bachelor pad. You can tune in during commute from work or a couch chill out at end of the day times.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, top up your tea or light a smoke and experience the program! It is going to be a wonderful excursion. Our destinations are Canada, the United States, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

To kick off the night, Will Newman’s “Meditations on You & Me”. The Kent-based artist delivered the single November 20th, 2020. It dropped amidst a second national lockdown. His musical interpretation of the downs and highs we all have encountered during an erratic and unusual age is captured timelessly.

 “Meditations on You & Me” 3:17

Wow. Incredible composition depicting the pandemic rollercoaster emotional battleground. The full interview with Will Newman aired May 18 of this year. Check it out at after the show!

Second in schedule, “Que Sera Sera” by Los Angeles artist Jesse Grossi. The release is a charming mixture of alt-rock, reggae-rock, and Ska completed with harmonious vocals and lyrics.

“Que Sera Sera” 6:31

Jessie joins thebuzzr podcast July 19th.

From the banger album It Was Always Too Late, John Revelle’s “For The Night” is up next. The EP released June of this year. It is four-song EP of soulful Americana of different stages of one’s heartbreak. The EP is biographical, and incredible journey to take with the artist.

Y’all, “For The Night” 10:16

His entire length interview airs July 12th on thebuzzr podcast at 10 p.m. EST. John Revelle is well-known as Joey Haynes by fans of British folk-rock band Bear’s Den. John currently lives and creates in Oslo, Norway.

They mixed the EP at Nashville’s legendary RCA Studio A and Laurel Canyon reverie, where backing vocals soar, Hammond organs purr and banjos lilt.

Sarah Martin’s “Those Days” is next. She released the track early July. Sarah calls “Those Days” an “anthem song to help you keep on keeping on”. The song reminds us that we are not travelling the road along and at the end of the day there will be light. It gives you hope for a better tomorrow.

“Those Days” 16:15

Sarah is making a lot of noise with her music. The February 2019 single “Heartbreak Song” reached number one on She Wolf Radio four months after its drop. Following, Sarah got the inaugaral Pro Country Female Artist of The Year. She won the Audience Pick in a Global Rising Song competition for her original song, “Broken Things,” in 2020.

Next up, Nicholson Heal “Apophenia” released via Breakfast Records on May 21st of this year. The band is located in Bristol, the United Kingdom. Nicholson Heal is the name of a man and the band.

“Apophenia” 20:41

The original sound of the band created on the debut Big Jupe remains yet an achievement met of greater lucidity and warmth. Love it!

From Burlington, Canada, artist Patty Green. Patty released a cover of Carole King’s “It’s (Too Late)” July of this year. We tune in to it next.

“It’s (Too Late”) 24:08

“It’s (Too Late)” is a fabulous cover and spot on selection for a solo debut on the music scene. The original song released in 1971 and is from the Tapestry album.

Carole King herself subscribed to Patty’s YouTube after its release, along with Carly Simon. My gut tells me that Patty Green is an artist to watch.

Now a soulful bluesy track from Southern Ontario’s String Bone. String Bone is a project created and fronted by folk-rock and country songwriter Barry James Payne. “Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day” has the workings of an enduring classic.Here it is. 

“Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day”  28:51

Written by Barry James Payne and George Leger III “Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day” released May 21st, 2021.

Now we spin the June release “Summer Wine” by Mike and Mandy out of Los Angeles, United States. It is a cover of the Lee Hazelwood / Nancy Sinatra song.  

“Summer Wine” 32:17

“Summer Wine” was the fourth track from the collaborative studio album Nancy & Lee by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. The original song released in 1968. Lee Hazelwood wrote the song.

“Fallout” is next. It is an original single from Hybrid Kid. Hybrid Kid are a Brighton, U.K. based indie-rock guitar band. The song released June 25th.

“Fallout” 36:36

The group has toured the US and UK for a number of years under other names, and have received airplay on Xfm, Radio Reverb and many college radio stations worldwide. I can see why.

Israeli Folk/Pop musician MARBL released “Never Get Out” June 11th this year. With its mellow instrumentation, driven by guitar, it draws the listener in instantly. The song offers something unique. It has rich vocals and intense lyrics.

“Never Get Out” 41:19

MARBL details a break up with someone you love fully, you can’t really let them go. The release is accompanied by an outstanding music video that you can watch on YouTube.

Next spin is Rebecca Tommasi’s “Star” from Another Dawn (Original EP) released June 25th out of London, United Kingdom.

Most of us don’t take time to appreciate everything around us. Rebecca Tommasi takes the time to do with her single “Star”. Drawing on the inspiration of the briefest moments and the beauty of human endurance, the single brings the awe of appreciation to listeners.

“Star” 45:44

As her debut single, Tommasi put it all on the line while touching on the people who inspired her.

Closing the show, “Liverpool Love Song” by Norway artist John Revelle. This is part of the EP It Was Always Too Late.

“Liverpool Long Song” 50:10

What a great track to end the show.

Closing, a quote by George Bernhard Shaw.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

Simple, yet true. Thank you to the artists on tonight’s show. This show wouldn’t happen without their music.

The Buzz Roll Media sponsors the buzzr podcasts. The Buzz Roll promotes independent music through blogs and podcasts.

And that brings us to the end. Thank you for tuning in.

When the show goes silent, take a minute to reflect.

Remember, without music, our canvas is blank.

My pad to yours, over the airways.

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