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buzzPLAY featuring Zane Coppard

Hey, y’all, I am Shay, and this is thebuzzr after hours podcast.
Welcome. Episode 16.
It is buzzPLAY night where this episode is all about independent music.
Every music style from classical to pop to alt-rock and screaming punk grunge we play on this show.
Who wants to live in a box?
Tonight we enjoy together the music, attitude and spirit of incredible independent artists. Each is making their way to the top of charts in their chosen style. We hear alt-rock, rock, R&B, gospel and pop releases tonight.
Our stops are Canada, the U.S. and the United Kingdom.
Featured artist is Zane Coppard from Vancouver, Canada.
track line up –
First up, a track out June 1 by The Freight out of Boston, United States. “Fly On” is another outstanding single from the band. Love this. The incredible vocals of frontman Adam Tiro stand on their own here. I got Aerosmith feels with this one.
  1. THE FREIGHT “FLY ON”, Boston, United States
 The official video of “Fly On” released yesterday on YouTube.
Toronto, Canada artist Katrina Anatasia debuted on the music scene this year. “Missed” is from her upcoming dubet EP A Moment In Time releasing tomorrow, June 3rd.
2. “Missed” by Katrina Anatasia Toronto, Canada
A Moment in Time out tomorrow. While you are on Katrina’s socials check out “i41”. Great release by Katrina, honouring Mother Earth. Full interview June 8th on thebuzzr indie show.
Next up, “See You Again” released May 14 by London-based UK band The Great Leslie.
3. “See You Again”  by The Great Leslie
Very talented group. Nothing they put out disappoints. Another great track!
The next spin is “Until We Meet Again” released May 28. Muca presents Alice SK featuring Roberto Menescal. The artists are from London, United Kingdom.
4. Muca “Until We Meet Tomorrow”
It takes me back to the local speakeasy. So much talent with this release.
North Carolina blues guitarist Nathan Pope is next. “I’ve Tried” from his debut album I Am Not Alone. Here it is.
5. “I’ve Tried” by Nathan Pope North Carolina, United States from I Am Not Alone album
Nathan came in 1st Place in the Top 10 Under 20 at the 2021 International Dallas Guitar Festival. Full interview June 7 on thebuzzr indie show.
Zane Coppard joins the show after we hear his new track “The Arrow” released May 5th.
6. “The Arrow” by Zane Coppard Vancouver, Canada
“The Arrow” by Zane Coppard is off the album A Solar Flare set to release late July/early August this year.
****Interview with featured artist Zane Coppard
Tracks – from Dupoint album, released March 2021
7. “You Came From Somewhere Else” by Zane Coppard
8. “Way Off” by Zane Coppard
9. “Spiritual Love” by Zane Coppard
****end of interview
Before we end the night, “Always Find A Reason” by Nathan releasing June 4th.
10. “Always Find A Reason” by Zane Coppard
Closing tonight, a quote from Bob Marley
“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” 
Simple yet true.
And that brings us to the end. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you to the artists for their music, on tonight’s show. Buzz Roll Media sponsors thebuzzr after hours podcast. They promote independent music through blogs and podcasts.
When the show goes silent, take a minute to reflect. Remember, without music, our canvas is blank.
Night, all! Cheers!

Zane Coppard

Bio Supplied by

Zane Coppard is a multifaceted musician who brings aspects of his avant-garde experiments into a beautiful union with pop music.

Pulling from vast musical influence, not only those famed from the present and past but also having been steeped in music at home as a child, Zane has garnered a unique ability to express many aspects of the human experience through what he creates. 

With a musician for a father and being surrounded by alternative arts at home, Zane was made to choose his instrumental path at a young age.

From 8 years old he had been trained as a drummer, playing in bars and clubs at 14 and going on to tour as a session drummer for various groups including, most recently: Dralms, Belle Game, Evan Konrad and the heavy psyche band Crosss.

During this time he continuously made music under his own monikers 1000 Petal Lotus and dounpour (both being heavily experimental ambient projects) as well as Smash Boom Pow, a band he shares with his brother Ulysses.

In his sophomore album, Of Self (Bonfire Records), Zane draws attention back to what is most essential but overlooked in our outwardly focused society – the Self, just as the title indicates. Not only a reminder and reflection for himself, this work allows the listener to interpret as it suits them and their own human experience. 

Personal sentiment is layered throughout the album with Jasper Miller (Outback, Diamond Cafe) on additional synth and drum programming, Dougal Bain (Layten Kramer) on strings, Ulysses on guitar, as well as mixing and mastering and Zane’s partner Mikayla on background vocals. 

~ Mikayla Koch


Way Off · Zane Coppard · Outback Way Off ℗ Zane Coppard Released on: 2021-01-22 Producer: Zane Coppard Featuring: Outback Producer: Outback Mixer: Ulysses Music Publisher: Art Until Death Music Publisher: Copyright Control Arranger: Zane Coppard Lyricist: Zane Coppard Arranger: Outback Composer Lyricist: Zane Coppard

Artwork by Yaw Obrenu Yamoah. Mixed/mastered by Big Gift Sound. Additional synth and production by Evan Konrad. Additional production by Ulysses Coppard.

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