Month: May 2021

Women In Rock

Hey, y’all, Shay here. thebuzzr after hours. Welcome. Episode 12. Tonight we celebrate Women in Rock. Looking back at rock and metal history, women have been a part of it for as long as men have. They named Viola Smith of The Coquettes “America’s Fastest Girl Drummer” in 1939. The Rock-and-roll Hall of Fame recognized…

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The Banquets

Rock, blues and pop band The Banquets hailing from Leeds, United Kingdom join the podcast today. Gemma Dee, vocals and Leon Russell-Hills, guitarist chat with me today. We hear three recent releases today. The band has evolved into a strong musical trio creating unique music that captivates you.  Their latest single “Black Mirrors” is out…

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The Freight

Boston Massachusetts rock band The Freight are on the show today. The band’s sound is a mix of rock n’ roll, blues rock, soul and jam with a modern rock edge. You are going to love this band! Joining us are frontman Adam Tiro, bassist Stephen Anderson and drummer Marc Loverin. Source: The Freight are…

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