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We discover the best music at the local pub and festivals, yes? This podcast brings local music scenes, emerging artists & their music from their local music scene to your living room, bachelor pad, commute from work or a couch chill out at the end of the day times.

Featured are one-on-one interviews with musicians, content creators and personalities contributing great content to the world.

We are international. We believe that music has no borders.

thebuzzr podcast covers artists internationally, all genres. Meet dynamic personalities putting out great music. Here albums and EPs are showcased, often for the first time. We hear the stories on the road and in the studio.

Sometimes our guests get mysterious and we offer up unusual experiences, paranormal occurrences & relationship couch therapy.

New episodes every Monday & Tuesday!

Broadcast for thebuzzr podcast is every Monday & Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST/EDT.

The Secret Warehouse of Sound

Multi-talent Muca is back on the show to talk about The Secret Warehouse of Sound. We chat about his amazing career starting in Brazil and today as the key force behind The Secret Warehouse of Sound. The studio is located in Hackney Central, UK, one of the biggest artistic hubs internationally. Muca is its founder. It has grown into a mixture of a recording studio, production company, music label and promotion company as well, working within the needs of today’s challenges.

We have an open discussion about surviving in today’s music industry, and what it takes to make it – as an artist and a producer. It is an engaging episode to listen to.

Bio from Muca

I’m a musician who constantly looks at how to rediscover music and encourage others to join me on this adventure. Most recently I started Muca & La Marquise, The Beatflux, The LABRIT project, Alice SK with many more to come.

Inspired by my main job as a music producer, I run my own music production studio, The Secret Warehouse of Sound, in Hackney Central, where I work with a broad range of musicians, supporting them in realising their vision.

I’ve been surrounded by music since I was young, playing in several bands and projects, working in different studios in São Paulo Brazil I learned from some of the best Brazilian engineers and producers! I worked on very high profile productions and honed in my production and engineering skills.

I moved to London over a decade ago where I joined the infamous SARM East (London Recording Studios) and soon became their in-house engineer.

As a producer and engineer, my credits include L.A. Salami, Anoushka Shankar, Randolph Matthews, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Los Bitchos, The Dead Pirates, Tiger & The Homertons and others.

About the Author
With an entrepreneurial career covering decades, Shay Drinkwalter has worked in media content creation, copywriting, and branding for over 40 years. Shay started at a local outlet now part of Metroland Media Group, covering regional sports, after a political correspondent at the local and national level. For a two-decade span, she was a stockbroker and then executive of a national securities firm, meanwhile providing content for periodicals, newsletters, national corporations, and not-for-profits. She is a founding member of the Canadian Freelance Guild/CWA, a former radio show host, and co-founder/editor of a local digital news platform. Shay is a publicist and curator for a UK indie platform. She covers artists of all genres, from around the globe. She provides popular music content for an NYC content firm. Additionally, she writes for music, literary, and foodie blogs. Shay’s blog, thebuzzr, promotes independent artists. Feedspot recognized the blog in its 2020 Top 20 Music Marketing blogs. When not writing, through The Buzz Roll Media™ and What's Our Buzz she promotes podcasts, independent artists, bands and venues. For most of her story, she was a big city lady. In contrast, she now writes, podcasts & creates from her home studio situated in rural Ontario.

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