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Plastic Poetry

Alternative Rock 4-piece band Plastic Poetry joins us from Glasgow, United Kingdom.

The band’s latest, self-produced EP is a collection of songs that deal with loneliness in the modern-day society, early adulthood and the fears that arise from facing the future.

The lyrical work of this band is outstanding! We feature two tracks from the album, Post Romantic Collections, Volume 1.

The band formed in 2017 in Glasgow. The singer Victor Deschamps and lead guitarist Adrien Bordes originally met in Munich in high school and started writing songs together.

After graduating and emigrating to Glasgow, the band was officially formed with Jamie Linskell and Andrew Scott-George joining on drums and bass respectively. Later that year (and before even playing a single show), they recorded their first self-titled EP at 7 West Studios with producer/sound engineer Chris Marshall (Gerry Cinnamon, Baby Strange, the Dunts…) before going on to build a solid reputation as a live act, playing venues such as King Tut’s on multiple occasions or playing the Songs From Northern Britain festival in Stockton-on-Tees in October 2019. Plastic Poetry’s influences range from British guitar bands (The Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand etc.) to French folk music (Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy…). In February 2020, Plastic Poetry started releasing a song every 2 weeks on their YouTube channel, the compilation of which is their latest release, Post-Romantic Collections, Vol.1.

Hurry hurry step right up, internet is just one diabolical fairground! Just remember where the exit is.

Video by Louise Deschamps and Pierre Engelhard.

We present to you “Requiescat”. Listen to it ad nauseam.

Thanks to: Louise Deschamps and Pierre Engelhard for the video. Calum Gordon for his impeccable diction of Oscar Wilde’s work. The background is Fernand Léger’s “Le Ballet Mécanique”.

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