The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

Featuring whiskey-stained soul vocals, funky blues harmonica, slick R&B/roots guitar, swinging piano work, soulful organ, riveting The Smoke Wagon Blues Band saxophone, with a racy, taut rhythm section, The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has been performing on festival stages for over two decades.

Formed in 1996, the band first became crowd favourites in Hamilton, Ontario’s famous Hess Village. Seven independent album releases, international radio play, and a large local fan base propelled the band to venues across the continent. The group’s last three albums were international hits reaching the top of the Roots and Blues charts and garnering 5-star reviews in blues magazines and blogs around the globe.

Special audio appearance on this episode by Jack, Corey’s pup. 

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The official video for the Acadian Blues : “Lay Say Lay” from “The Ballad of Albert Johnson” by the award winning Smoke Wagon Blues Band 2020, Written by Lueck, Bruce, & Colavecchia, performed by The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, & Lyrics by Corey Lueck. Directed, produced and color edited by Brandon Kummer, Brandon Kummer Films. Filmed at The Moonshine Cafe Oakville Ontario Canada.

The Ballad of Albert Johnson from the Award Nominated 2020 “Ballad of Albert Johnson” by The Smoke Wagon Blues Band. A fun depiction of the legendary Canadian tale: The Mad Trapper of Rat River. Animation by Patrick Politowski

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