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Jack Spann

Today we have guest Jack Spann.  Jack is a singer-songwriter and master keyboardist/pianist out of the NYC area. We feature his latest single “Jesus of New Orleans”, and the release “She Makes Pornography On The Weekend” from his 2017 album Beautiful Man From Mars, a nod to Bowie.


“JESUS OF NEW ORLEANS” © 2020 Jack Spann. Produced by Jack Spann. Vocals, all keyboards, piano, bass, some guitars Jack Spann. Drums and percussion- Cecil Robbington.
Harmonizing vocals- Kate Weston. Trombones and trombone solo- John Covelli.
Trombones- John Wolf.
Violins and viola- Andrew Driscoll. Cello- Jake Brookman. Lead guitar- Christian Mendoza. Alto sax- Matt Gallagher. Tenor sax- Jason Clinton.

“SHE MAKES PORNOGRAPHY ON THE WEEKEND” © 2015 JACK SPANN. Produced by Jack Spann, Perry Emge, Gary Tanin. Vocals, Piano, Organ, Guitars- Jack Spann. Bass- Bryant Moore. Drums- Rob Medcalf. Guitars- Ben Taylor.
Trombone- John Wolf.

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