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the world changed in March 2020. 

the music industry was hit. hit hard.

we raise indie up

thebuzzr indie broadcasts on Mondays & Tuesdays. Special Broadcasts run Wednesdays. 
thebuzzr after hours broadcasts Wednesdays, after hours

Hosted by Shay

thebuzzr indie blog broke barriers in 2020, went global. Its reach on social media exploded. 

With the upside down world for indie right now, it is the time to put thebuzzr indie on the air. 

Like thebuzzr indie blog, the podcast promotes independent artists of all genres,  from around the globe.

The best of worldwide indie will be on this show.

From my pad to yours, over the airways.



Show credits: Produced by The Buzz Roll Media™ Post-production: Mixed and mastered by Rocha Neto @Resonant Sound Labs. Intro/Outro Music by Kevin Estrella, Pyramids on Mars™ “Nacht Waffen” and “F-22 Raptor” from the album Edge Of The Black

thebuzzr after hours music by Kevin Estrella, Pyramids on Mars™ “Summer By The Ocean” from the album Pyramids on Mars

Listen/Purchase Kevin’s music on Bandcamp

The best way to support artists appearing on this podcast is to buy their music and merch. Links are on each artist’s profile. 

If you wish to donate to the project, then do so through our Buy Me a Coffee donation page.

thebuzzr podcast’s Buy Me a Coffee donation page.

90% of all proceeds go directly to the indie artists & creators appearing on thebuzzr podcast. The remainder is for licensing, administration & production of the show.

  • thebuzzr indie

    your go-to pod for all indie music, covering worldwide indie artists & bands.

    This is a free promotional podcast for all independent artists.

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  • thebuzzr after hours

    Offbeat Stuff. All Music. Nothing taboo! I bore this podcast from the need to have a space to drop recent releases at will. It has grown into a show with unique and talented industry guests & topics which may or may not fit into the indie podcast programming. This is a free promotional podcast for all artists & industry guests.

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Lisa Richard

Sonic X Band

Kolby Knickerbocker


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